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Flights, a novel about travel in the twenty-first century and human anatomy, is Olga Tokarczuk’s most ambitious to date. It interweaves travel narratives and reflections on travel with an in-depth exploration of the human body, broaching life, death, motion, and migration. From the seventeenth century, we have the story of the Dutch anatomist Philip Verheyen, who dissected and drew pictures of his own amputated leg. From the eighteenth century, we have the story of a North African-born…

Moon Flights

Pub Date : 2009-06-30 | Author : Elizabeth Moon | Publisher : Nightshade Book

ISBN 10 : 1597801100
ISBN 13 : 9781597801102

Collects short stories spanning the author's illustrious career, including the original short story "Say Cheese," set in the Vatta's War universe...


Pub Date : 2005 | Author : Al Sarrantonio | Publisher : ROC Trade

ISBN 10 : 0451460367
ISBN 13 : 9780451460363

A remarkable new collection of fantasy fiction features all original short stories from Orson Scott Card, Neil Gaiman, Raymond E. Feist, Harry Turtledove, Joyce Carol Oates, Anne M..

Book Of Flight

Pub Date : 2007 | Author : Judith E. Rinard | Publisher : Firefly Books Limited

ISBN 10 : 1554072921
ISBN 13 : 9781554072927

Summary: The major milestones in flight history illustrated from the collections of the National Air and Space Museum. Includes the development of flight and diagrams explaining fl..

Flights Of Fancy

Pub Date : 1989-02-01 | Author : Kenneth Von Gunden | Publisher : McFarland

ISBN 10 : 0786412143
ISBN 13 : 9780786412143

In-depth analyses are presented of 15 superior films, each one representing a subgenre of fantasy cinema--Beauty and the Beast, Conan the Barbarian, The Dark Crystal, Dragonslayer,..

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