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Acts of Infidelity

‘A novel of heartbreak told with intellectual rigor. It gripped me from first page to last. Fantastic!’Alice SeboldWhen Ester Nilsson meets the actor Olof Sten, she falls madly in love. Olof makes no secret of being married, but he and Ester nevertheless start to meet regularly and begin to conduct

The Awkward Age

‘A very smart, soulful, compelling novel’ Nick HornbyWhat does it take to be a family?Julia has fallen deeply, unexpectedly in love. James is her second chance, and everything she never knew she wanted. It’s perfect but for two things: their children. Julia’s beloved daughter Gwen loathes James and James’s son

The Sparsholt Affair

In October 1940, the handsome young David Sparsholt arrives in Oxford. A keen athlete and oarsman, he at first seems unaware of the effect he has on others – particularly on the lonely and romantic Evert Dax, son of a celebrated novelist and destined to become a writer himself. While