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Sleeper’s Castle: An epic historical romance from the Sunday Times bestsell…

The Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller.

Two women, centuries apart. Linked in a place haunted by its history . . .

Separated by more than six hundred years of history, two women are drawn together by Sleeper’s Castle, a house steeped in memory and magic. This is an epic tale of forbidden love, cruel revenge and a war that time can’t forget.

Grieving and lost, Miranda has moved to Hay to escape, and slowly she feels herself coming to life in the solitude of the mountains. But her vivid dreams…

Windows 2000 Administration In A Nutshell

Pub Date : 2001 | Author : Mitch Tulloch | Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN 10 : 1565927133
ISBN 13 : 9781565927131

Showcases Windows 2000's business and laptop suitablity, covering day-to-day administrative tasks and migrating from Windows NT to Windows 2000...

Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Pub Date : 2003 | Author : Barry Gerber | Publisher : Sybex Incorporated

ISBN 10 : 0782142044
ISBN 13 : 9780782142044

A guide to Microsoft Exchanger server 2003 covers such topics as installation, managing hierarchy and core components, Internet messaging, tracking messages, and troubleshooting...

Hacking 2nd Edition

Pub Date : 2008 | Author : Jon Erickson | Publisher : No Starch Press

ISBN 10 : 9781593271442
ISBN 13 : 1593271441

An introduction to hacking describes the techniques of computer hacking, covering such topics as stack-based overflows, format string exploits, network security, cryptographic atta..

Professional Excel Development

Pub Date : 2009 | Author : Rob Bovey | Publisher : Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN 10 : 9780321508799
ISBN 13 : 0321508793

A guide to the development aspects of Excel covers such topics as building add-ins, creating custom charts, using class modules, handling errors, controlling external applications,..

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